Bent Philipson Introduces New Pediatric Programs at the Phoenix Center

The Children’s Center at The Phoenix has one mission: to provide individualized pediatric medical and rehabilitation services that respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each child that enters into their care. World-class treatment options, cutting-edge technology, physicians at the forefront of pediatric research and care, and nurses that go above and beyond for their patients are all part of what makes the Phoenix Center the most trusted facility in the New Jersey area.

But Bent Philipson, Founder and CEO of Philosophy Care, and Natasha Islam, Administrator of the Phoenix Center, know there isn’t a ceiling when it comes to world-class care.

In addition to major renovations that are currently underway at the center, Philipson and Islam have been developing two new programs that will cater to otherwise underserved communities in the region. The first is their groundbreaking new Refuah Program, which provides services that are rooted in the understanding and appreciation of Judaism.

“We noticed a major need for placement in the Jewish community,” Bent Philipson said. “It’s hard enough for families to put their children into a pediatric unit, especially with restricted visitation because of COVID-19, but it’s even harder when that facility doesn’t understand your culture and your child’s unique medical needs.”

The Refuah Program is a tailor-made program that provides individualized care to frum children with serious illnesses. Built from the ground up, the Phoenix Center can now offer superior amenities within the structure of their current facility. They have a Halachic Medical Advisory Board, a highly qualified and respected Rabbi on staff, full availability of Kosher food, 24-hour concierge services, and a Bikur Cholim room for families. Beyond these amenities, there are also culturally-specific activities for Jewish children to do on site as well.

“The Refuah Program was created with the comfort of families in mind,” Bent Philipson said. “When they visit our facility for the first time, we show them we understand who they are and that we’ll treat them like family while they’re in our care.”

In addition to the Refuah Program, Philipson and Islam are also in the process of building out a behavioral mental health program for children with various mental health needs. According to Philipson, this is another area where pediatric facilities must do better.

“It’s one thing to care for the short or long-term health needs of pediatric patients, but physical treatment is only one aspect of a child’s overall well-being,” Bent Philipson said. “In order to provide comprehensive, life-changing care, behavioral health and mental health must also be a priority.”

As The Children’s Center at The Phoenix continues to expand their services to cater to the needs of every child in need of care, Natasha Islam suggests that this is possible in large part because of the center’s incredibly warm, nurturing staff.

“Everyone is always here to support one another and we all work well together. With such a unified team, we can provide unparalleled care to every child we treat in our pediatric unit. And this is what we will continue to work towards thanks to Bent Philipson and Philosophy Care’s guidance.”

While it takes resources and great planning to cater to the changing needs of patients and to better serve a more diverse patient population, it is compassion that determines the quality of care those patients receive. And when it comes down to it, that is what really sets The Children’s Center at The Phoenix apart.



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